Market Review 03.06.20 – Beat The Banks

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Nasdaq & S&P leading the Dow – More swing trading opportunities and another 5% win on our Beat The Banks Strategy. 

That was another 5% ROI for the month on our Beat The Banks strategy. This is our most successful trading strategy for our position traders.

Firstly well done to those of you coming on the Beat The Banks program and trading this set up for the first time this month.

This trading strategy is simple to execute but does require patience and discipline as you are only trading once a month.

So despite it not giving the best overall returns out of all the strategies we have, you only trade for 30 minutes once a month, you can cash out at any time, there are no management fees and you only have 2.5 of yoru account at risk at anyone time.

Many of our day and and swing traders who already have multiple trading strategies in their portfolio also trade this one seperately.

Beat The Banks Stats

For 2020 we are at 21.19% compounded ROI
Year to date we are at 36.25% ROI
Since we started trading it live in 2017 we are sitting at a total ROI of 61%

With 20 years of tested data and three years of live data we know that 5 winning months out of the last six pushes us away from this trading strategy win loss average, so no doubt will have to ride out some losers soon enough. This where minimum of a 2:1 risk reward helps.

I am so confident in the rigorous testing the live application of this strategy that I have six figures of my own money just trading this strategy alone.

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