Seven Lessons From My Biggest Ever Cash Winning Week… 

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Just a few weeks back, two of my short positions on oil hit their pre-planned target and gave me the biggest ever cash return I have ever made in one week. These two trades were not the biggest r-value reward trades but they were at the higher end of my reward-to-risk setup range.

Now this is important, I didn’t risk any more than I normally would on these trades, nothing was adjusted, and nothing was changed, no lucky guesswork. These trades simply ran on as per the strategy framework and I made the most of those moves.

There are always lessons to learn from your winners and your losers – regardless of how long you have been trading.

Apart from the obvious of patience, staying disciplined, and sticking to your rules…

Here are some I believe any trader can take from running these trades – which I expand on in the video link below…
1. Two trades don’t make you a trader, but they can make a huge difference to your overall results.

2. If you want to make £70,000 in one week you have to be willing to start with £70.

3. In trading logic and emotion are NOT the same. The skill is to get more logical about your emotions.

4.  You have to stick to your plan not just on the trade but over the long term.

5. Most of my happiness about these trades wasn’t about the money.

6. Swing trading can be like busses – you might have to wait a while but they can come at once

7. Maintain your conviction – despite what some others might be saying.

So yes risk management played a key role in these trades but so did the usual day-to-day trading attributes.

Trade safe


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