Ceri Bryans


About The Trader

Name: Ceri Bryans
Location: UK and Malta
Trading status: Full-time Day Trader  
Markets traded: Dax
The programme joined: Total Trader

Before Joining Trader Support Club

When Ceri first started trading, she struggled to understand the intricacies of risk management. She was fixated on achieving a minimum 1:1 risk-reward ratio, which often limited her success and not let her explore varied risk-reward scenarios.

She was also inherently struggling with leaving her trades alone and was constantly taking profit too early through fear.

Ceri also experienced other difficulties preventing her from achieving success, like:

  • Self-limiting beliefs regarding her trading abilities
  • Without a supportive community or mentorship, Ceri felt isolated in her trading journey, lacking the guidance and encouragement needed to overcome challenges and achieve growth
  • Fear of failure and a fixed mindset

After Joining Trader Support Club

It has allowed Ceri to continue her lifestyle and standard of living whilst doing less work. She spends half of the year abroad and can make the most of outdoor living because trading has given her the income to “take 6 months off” should she choose to.

By the end of the programme, Ceri had a newfound discipline and resilience, empowering her to adhere to her trading plan with unwavering commitment and overcome impulsive behaviour.

Ceri soon realised there were no shortcuts. She put the work in and fully backtested her strategies  to gain the confidence to actually “pull the trigger”

Through TSC's vibrant community and mentorship, Ceri found the support and camaraderie she needed to thrive, exchanging insights, experiences, and encouragement with fellow traders. Liberated from fear and self-doubt, Ceri's journey with TSC unleashed her full potential as a trader.

“When I owned a manufacturing company, I used to dread getting up in the morning and facing all the problems of “the rat race” and owning a business with staff problems, machinery problems etc. Now I have a different business – trading, which I can do anywhere in the world. it is about looking forward to getting up every day and loving what you do, being able to spontaneously take days off and not have to rely on anyone else to become successful.”
Ceri Bryans

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