Proven Strategies
Unparalleled Support

Trade alongside a professional money manager and team of traders with over 17,000 hrs of live trading experience.

Do you want to learn to trade safely and consistently? 

Myself and my team have been coaching and mentoring traders day in day out in our live online trading rooms since 2009.

This is why we work directly with you 'in the trenches'. Not only with live coaching and accountability sessions, but also 'over the shoulder' live trading and analysis sessions.

All while putting our own trading decisions on the line with you.

In short, we are in it together with you six days a week, and have been for well over a decade.

Unlock a proven set of trading strategies

Delivered to you directly by our team on our Kickstart and Total Trader Programmes

Finally reduce the stress and guesswork

With real-time expert trader feedback whichever programme you choose

Build lifetime confidence in your own trading abilities

Finally learn a trading system you can successfully use on your own.We teah you to fish.

why us?

The three key factors we bring to the table...


We are told time and again, we have been pivotal in helping traders finally get to where they want to be

Clarity, confidence and the results to back it up. Whether it's full time, part time, prop firm funded or just year on year consistency. Our team and our process will get you there and we have proven it again and again.


Every trade we have called since 2013 has been tracked, measured and reviewed

When you join us on our Total Trader Programme you get access to every strategy, systems and all our live trading data. Every winning and losing run and every nuance about each trade, as well as  15 hrs a week of live trading and live coaching.  


With a professional money manager at the helm, we've stripped back the fluff so you get real time "in the trenches' actionable trades and feedback

With a combined trading experience of over 35 years and a tight knit global community of traders with you on your journey We are here for you - in real time day in day out.


We’ve got the right programme to suitsuit your current level of experience

Unparalleled feedback and access to our proven trading strategies at every level...

The Kickstart Programme
The solid foundation to launch your successful trading journey

Duration: 4 weeks
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Lifetime access to the programme
Direct feedback & support from our expert traders
Tried and tested trading strategies & setups
Our low-risk, high-reward money management system
The blueprint to our proven charting and broker setup
Real trade examples
The Total Trader Coaching Programme
The complete trader training system for those serious about long-term success

Duration: Unlimited
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Lifetime access to our core trading resources
Unlimited direct feedback
360 hours of live group support (15 hours every week)
Weekly live trade analysis sessions
Weekly group trader coaching sessions
Every single proven TSC strategy our experts use daily
Access to all our programmes (Advanced Technicals, Data Analysis and many more)
3 trade type specific Telegram groups
Access to our entire trader training vault back catalogue
Fully automated entry trading systems for many of our swing and day trading strategies
The Elite 1 to 1 Mentoring & Coaching Programme
Unparalleled coaching and training with direct 1 to 1 access to Ali and the team

Duration: Unlimited
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Lifetime access to our core trading ressources
Every single proven TSC strategy our experts use daily
360 hours of live group support (15 hours every week)
In-depth 1 to 1 coaching & mentoring time direct with Ali
Private unlimited access to the Elite Telegram group
Private Elite-only monthly group coaching
Exclusive Elite-only quarterly coaching and mentoring day
Talk to Ali anytime via Telegram for unlimited support
Book 15-minute hotseat sessions to work through any challenges with Ali
Experience our trading mindset profiling system and full evaluation of your needs + goals as a trader

Choose the right membership for you

Whichever programme you choose, you'll have access to Ali and his team as well as our most up-to-date, proven strategies & systems'

about us

Meet your coach – Ali Crooks, expert trader since 2002

Ali began trading Forex, commodities and index futures in 2002. Fast-forward 22 and he is now one of the most sought-after trading coaches in the UK.

"I’ve been in this game for years and I am one of only a couple of retail traders in the UK to also have successful regulated money management status and track record.
With all that experience under my belt , I am completely confident, that if you are willing to put in a small but consistent amount of focussed time into this, me and my team can help you achieve consistent profitability you are looking for.


We are proud of our world class trader training programmes and what our students have achieved...

Excellent Based on 92 reviews
Dirk Willemse

It is the most transparent group out there!

Chris Jones

First class teaching and support network for traders at any level

Ceri Bryans
Joe Qaisi

This was probably the missing link in my trading repertoire

Katie Fabian

Highly recommend. TSC give so much value and worthwhile content. So glad I made the decision to join them.

Leanne Billingham

A truly dynamic and versatile team . 3 yrs on and still successfully trading due to all their help. Thanx for all your support TSC

Khotoso Letsoalo

The best Support to Knowledge to Profitable trading assistance I've ever come across.

Martin Dimitrov
Sepp Treppo

While searching for an online trading academy I stumbled across Ali Crooks being interviewed on YouTube. I felt this guy was different – confident, straight talk, punting consistency all the way.

Elliot Kindly

Traders support club are a professional team and they deliver on their promises.

Mukesh Verma

The structure, the approach and the dedication / level of support that TSC offers is truly exceptional. I've been on other 'trading' courses and none are offering the level of service that TSC does; I just wish I hadn't wasted my time, money and energy on other 'systems' and had instead had found you guys earlier in my journey.

Jordan R

TSC is an open, friendly and engaging community made up of people who take trading seriously.Whether it be a practical tip or trick, a solution to a faulty thought process or how to deal with emotional responses to trading. Ali is able to help

Megan Annand

The perfect fit for what I was looking for to advance my trading knowledge, expertise and confidence, especially after trying to work it out by myself over the past 3 years. And it’s great to finally be amongst other traders. Thank you so much TSC :D

Nadia Du Ploy

Amazing people really out to help you wherever, whenever and with whatever you may struggle with. Ali and the team really go out of their way to support you with your trading journey!

numbers speak volumes

Fuelled by real-life trading data and experience


Swing trade data points collected


Hours of live coaching and trading

28 Years

Worth of proven trading strategies

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