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Very simply, your trading must have an edge that you have tested, tried and have tweaked to fit your own risk profile, lifestyle and trading objectives.

This is easy to understand but another thing to actually do and in our experience is much harder on your own.  Our coaches and traders will help you discover your trading strengths and weaknesses . Traders Support Club work closely with you so you have a very specific trading strategy that fits your goals and your lifestyle.

Whether you have experience in the markets or you are a complete novice, don’t waste any more time or money on unproven strategies and methodologies.  The solution is simple but the work and the decision is often harder. Start by becoming  be part of a successful trading community and NOT one of the 90% of traders who out on their own losing time and money. 

The Way Towards Success & Reaching My Goals
“TSC showed me the way towards success in trading and reaching my goals. After getting involved into the world stock markets in the early 2013 and losing nearly two accounts! They have helped me to trade profitably, and doubling my equity for 4 months.”
Name: Martin Dimitrov
Markets Traded: FX Indices & Commodities
Solid Direction & Support Throughout My Journey
“When I first started trading, I was losing more than I won but now some 10 months later I have positive monthly figures that vary between 3% up to my best of 14% per month. TSC give me solid direction and much needed support throughout my trading journey.”
Name: Ceri Bryans
Markets Traded: FX Indices & Commodities
My Results Have Progressed Dramatically
“I am very happy with my career direction as I have a lot of support through the club. My trading results have progressed dramatically throughout this learning process and I have currently increased my account 5% this month and it’s only the 14th.”
Name: Kris Friend
Markets Traded: FX & Commodities

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Ali Crooks is the one of the UK’s most sought after traders and coaches in the online trading community.

He is known and respected for his no nonsense approach and has taken traders with no previous experience to double-digit percentage returns month on month. The skills and knowledge he has passed onto others you can now access online, meaning that in a fraction of the time you can now have the opportunity to achieve similar results.

Traders Support Club have tailor-made videos, online coaching and mentoring programs as well as a live trading room and one on one mentoring. This means new traders can learn to trade safely and effectively, whilst experienced traders propel and refine their skills so they know exactly what they need to do to become successful.

Huge amounts of time, energy and commitment have been put into every training program and coaching service we deliver. Since September 2013 our Guided Strategy Program and accompanying email signal service, has achieved a compounded return of over 1021%, risking no more than 2% of the total account value per trade. This for an average of only two hours work a week and this is only one part of the total trading systems we teach!

(Figures based on signals given during the stated period – A traders personal results may vary and no guarantee of returns is given and any losses are the trader’s own responsibility)

Even if your strategy works.. Can you work it?

Most traders make catastrophic errors in one and often all three of the key trading functions. What’s even worse is they often don’t know they are doing it and have no clear process on how to eradicate these mistakes. On top that many go round in circles thinking the next strategy will be the solution. In nearly every case it wont be!

When you learn to trade, each trader needs a clear and focused approach that saves them time, money and a huge amount of stress. Traders Support Club can’t eliminate every losing trade, but we can teach you the exact coaching process we use with each of our most successful traders. That way going forward you learn something important from each of the trades you place.

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