Nahrain Odish

FX & Commodities

About The Trader

Name: Nahrain Odish
Trading Status:
Part-Time Trader
Markets Traded:
Forex, Commodities, and Global Indices
Best Performing Month and Year:
Year - More than doubled her account in 2015

Before Joining Trader Support Club

Nahrain struggled with commitment to trading in the early days, finding it challenging to stay focused alongside her job.

After Joining Trader Support Club

With the guidance and support from Ali and the team, Nahrain found her commitment to trading strengthened enormously. The Live Online Trading Room and social events became essential components of her learning journey, providing both accountability and connection with fellow traders.

Nahrain then went on to achieve significant trading success in 2015, more than doubling her total account during that year.

"Trading can be challenging at the best of times, but not all trading clubs have a genuine interest in their clients making progress. "
Nahrain Odish

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