Tinus du Plessis

Forex and Global Indices

About The Trader

Name: Tinus du Plessis
Trading Status:
Part-Time Trader & Professional International Rugby Player
Markets Traded:
Forex and Global Indices
Best Performing Month and Year: Month - 17% ROI, Year - 91% ROI (2015)

Before Joining Trader Support Club

As a professional rugby player, Tinus initially struggled with the technical aspects of trading, having no prior experience in this field. Once he started getting the hang of trading concepts, his biggest challenge became managing his trades effectively and resisting the urge to exit early for quick profits, especially amidst his busy rugby schedule.

After Joining Trader Support Club

Ali and the team helped hold Tinus accountable for his trades and trading mindset. Tinus uses the weekly coaching sessions and Live Online Trading Room to maintain his trading focus and be in the zone so that he can perform efficiently.

He now has the additional income to help plan for the future, despite his rugby career ending soon, so that he can still travel and retire happy

“Wherever I am in the world, once I log into the room, I am back with the trading team and can get focused straight away."
Tinus du Plessis

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